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Wednesday, September 5th, 2001
4:38 pm
wooooooooo everybody bow to the don!!!! *throws torture-instruments of joy*
the mafia uh...NON_MAFIA PROFIT-FREE ORGANIZATION i ment to say *cough* is aliiiiive ^^
and looks cool!!!! XD
~we are your pain~

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Friday, August 17th, 2001
6:12 pm
el don es muy stupida (i call this italinsh)
as i am spouting off to my poor amigo, i just wanted to say..


yes. i am UNBELIEVABLY STUPID. know why?

this is why.

i forgot the pw for our lj. don't tell me that's not pathetic. ^^; i also recall deleting the email lj sent to me. yes. don't tell THAT'S even stupider. X___x okay..so now i can either a.) email k-chan to see if she knows ^^; or b.) try to find a "get lost pw" thing. ;;;; i feel stupid........

Current Mood: stupid

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Thursday, August 16th, 2001
6:18 pm
my people!
i love you all!!!!! (and i mean my people in da mafia yo...you weirdo freakies out there can't get any luvin'. XD)

Current Mood: and lovin' XD

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5:25 pm
*pokes everyone with sharp pointy objects* u,u what kind of non-mafia profit-free organization is this?? say somethinG!! *pouts and goes back to torturing people*

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Monday, August 13th, 2001
1:14 pm
we're all dying. dropping offa the face of the earth. never post anymore. *sobs hysterically* AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!!!!!!

*goes to kill suckyass new tetsu layout* die die die diiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

minna: o.o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
kazuki: don't mind her. ^^; she's going through another withdrawal/tantrum/self-hating mode
minna: ohhhhhhhhh!!! *goes back to doing their own business*
kazuki: araaaaaa.......^^;............

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Sunday, July 22nd, 2001
12:38 pm
Wow this place is reaaaaaally quiet *runs away*

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Tuesday, June 19th, 2001
11:44 am
..okay, so i'm not amused but news:

2 new interviews completed by megami-chan and k-chan. new bitches and profiles and blah.

new fan fic from saithe *lol* for the jmafia.

and all of these goodies (and another fic thingy to come by moi) and WHY is the jmafia still static? cuz stupid thingy ish down so dunno when can update. :P patience my minions. mwahahaha. we shall rise and take over the world again. XDDDDD

and another girl (poor lass ^^;) emailed me asking if she could join our community. ah.....zee don feelz bad...o_x.....dun blame her cuz i just finally realized that you CAN'T go to the site to read the rules. XD ack.

okay..here they are:

jmafia isn't an open "community". it's a family. it's made up by LIN and ONLY lin and composed up of lin's "family/friends" and thus can she not accept submissions, applications or requests. gomen nasai.

Current Mood: blargh

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Saturday, June 2nd, 2001
9:31 pm
it's okies k-chan. ^_^ as you mighta noticed, i haven't been doing very well (previously, it was because of my final proj.) so i won't be updating the jmafia any time soon. ;_;

and thanks for the cookies. ^_~

(how you doin'?)

6:58 pm
ok Lin i finally finished my interview too! but it kinda sucks cause i couldn't think when i was writing it ^^; i'll send you the URL later, k?

Current Mood: bored

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Saturday, May 26th, 2001
9:09 pm
I just watched Bella Mafia....
It reminded me of the jrock mafia.

It was bout' abunch of women wo end up running this mafia when they're husbands die[except I dun think any of us are married..]and anways, they end up kicking ass....lots of it...

Hehehe, it just reminded me of this so I got on the nets....*runs away*

(how you doin'?)

Friday, May 25th, 2001
7:10 pm

No wait, don't run, we're a friggin' mafia after all.

SEEK! FIND! KIIIIIILLLLLLLLL! *bloodlust goes outta control*

...kidding about all that crazy stuff. XD

*does a dance* (yes, even we "dons" can dance too) Awesome babe! I'm not on AOHELL right now though so if you sent me his info, I'm afraid I won't be viewing it anytime soon. XD

Mm..........I'm revamping my Hisashi shrine. ^^;

Oh yeah!!! Megami will be joining us soon as Head of Firearms. ^_^;; Rose! *points at you* BEHAVE!!! 'tay? TAY! *squishes Rose and does another bizarre dance jiggy thingy*

Mm. My feet are killing me. X_x The Don went to a field trip (okay! so like, it's werid having a don go on field trips. bite me. :P) and now her feet are killing her. x_o

Kay. The Don shall cease her ceaseless rambling and go off now. Ciao! ^_~

Current Mood: don-ish

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Thursday, May 24th, 2001
7:56 pm
wai ^^
Lin-sama, i got Aiji's biotch profile done! i'm still working on the interview though. *has no idea where to go with it* ^^;

oh yeah and a special HOW YOU DOIN' to all mah peeps up in heah! ^^;

Current Mood: hyper

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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2001
9:37 pm
*prods minna with a stick* fweeb no da?

Current Mood: o_o

(how you doin'?)

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2001
9:23 pm
...stupid, STUPID chibi-don!
Um..don't ask about the subject. :P

*copies from her lj and reposts it in here* ^^;;;

o_o I'm posting this withouth having read the other posts so like, this will be inserted randomly and whatever. XD;;

So sorry to Linzy for taking a helluva long time before adding you babe!! *squish* I also can't find the email to your new site. x_x;;; I'm so sorry!!! *dies* Can you email it to me again?? *fweebs* I wanna see more Die stuffers!!! Wheee! Fan fiction babe, fan fiction! XD

Mmmmkaaay! JMafia has been updated--obviously since I've told like, nearly all of you while chatting. XD I also posted up a little notice to people thinking that our mafia is like..a clique or open group. *feels guilty* I thought I kinda made it sorta obvious but I guess I didn't so now I feel bad because people probably think I'm being a bitch and not letting them join and this is one HELLUVA long run-on sentence. XD

ANDDDDDDD SHIIIIIIIT!!! I gotta post this and add Linzy's name to the positions list or whatever!! GAAAH! Sankyuu so much Kenji for reminding me!!! *dies*

Yeah, so like, I made many boo boos. :P Gomen ne. @_@

......okaaaaay!! ALRIGHT!!!!!! I made another mistake and this is my SECOND attempt at posting it in the CORRECT LJ!!! *spazzes*dies*

Current Mood: bitchy

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Monday, May 21st, 2001
5:53 pm
look! i made an icon specially for the mafia! my friend raf has always called me "crazy insane person" so..... lol ^^ it fits, ne? ^_~

(how you doin'?)

1:10 pm
*walks in with her bitch Die*

Weeeeeee! I just joined! I sent that stuffies Lin...I think all of it.

*hears someone screaming*

Well, I think that's our 4:00, Die!

Byebye~! *runs off*

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10:27 am
Kyo: i'm for emergencies. MYWAHA. *vomit noises*

(how you doin'?)

4:52 pm
hi hiiiiiiiiii^^
who wants to be tortured babes?

(how you doin'?)

Sunday, May 20th, 2001
10:56 pm
You likea the penguin...
You peta the penguin...
The penguin smile (??)...

You likea the pie...
You try to eata the pie...
The penguin shove your face in da pie..

You angry at penguin...
Penguin beg forgiveness...
You smile..
Penguin say naked...

Herro, everyone! XD *waves* I'm here! *cackles* Uhm.. Yeah.. I have no idea what to say O_o.. Praises to Lin and Kourt for gettin' the community up ^_~

Current Mood: weird

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6:04 pm
FINALLY! We can post!!!

...my original longass intro post was deleted somewhere along the way so I give you this short one. x_X

POST POST POST!!! *victory dance*

(sorry to everyone else who wanted to join but can't ^^;)

Current Mood: productive

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